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Go ahead, set sail.

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Why Range & Bearing's?

Range & Bearings is a direct nod to the traditional wayfinding technique used in navigation. Sure, we often have digital directions at our fingertips - but a clear understanding of how to determine a target destination and reach it is critical.


We are often asked why the apostrophe? Learn more about why our company name was thoughtfully chosen.


Our brand name "Range & Bearing's" was thoughtfully chosen and includes an apostrophe for several reasons. Primarily, it aligns with the nautical term, "Range & Bearing.” Using the possessive form allows our brand to remain true to this singular nautical term.


Also, the use of the possessive form with an apostrophe emphasizes the ownership of the brand's products. It signifies that the products are associated with and belong to the brand "Range & Bearing." Similar to how a navigator would not refer to "Ranges and Bearings" in navigation, the possessive apostrophe accurately conveys the brand's ownership and association with the products.


Ultimately, the use of the apostrophe in "Range & Bearing's" pays homage to the correct nautical term, follows proper grammar, and highlights ownership of our brand's products. We hope you enjoy all Range & Bearing’s products!

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