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Co-Founder, Tucker Thompson

Range & Bearing’s was created to celebrate the outdoor, boating and   club lifestyle.

Throughout my career, I’ve hosted more than 2,000 sailing shows and presentations and covered the sport’s top global events. I sailed with America True during the 2000 America’s Cup in New Zealand, and I’ve traveled to hundreds of Yacht Clubs hosting a nationwide speaking tour featuring the America’s Cup. I created Range & Bearing’s to honor the community I call family and to present that family with a range of thoughtfully curated products.

This is our passion. Our legacy. Our journey. Our community. This is Range & Bearing's.

Range & Bearing's is more than a brand about direction. So, we prioritize five core values that orient our efforts and guide our decisions.



We honor the way things have always been done, and celebrate new traditions as we create them.


We're in the race to win. But we're also never happier than when we're in the thick of it all.


We're always looking to the horizon for what's next. Because the best route is the one not yet traveled.


We raise a glass to our support system and our friends. For us, camaraderie is everything.


We're work-hard, play-hard people. So we take the opportunity to kick back and relax very seriously.

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